Dude, you gotta stop with the fake abs photos and such. We have a spotter, and they may be up for a few, but we’ll take them down.
Just be yourself. Connect with real people.
Or, alternatively, get those abs and take pictures of you.
You’ve got your second warning.

Dating Kinky Team

So, usually one warning is all it takes when we catch someone misrepresenting themselves with a model’s photos.

After all, our amazing spotter can find the most obscure instagram account and match (or in this case not-match) details and so on.

Interestingly enough, we’ve found the real people too in this process (Yay us for some SERIOUS hotties), but mostly, we find people using instagrammers from Barcelona, Milan, and Waukee, thinking that you won’t recognize them (I wouldn’t) and realize they’re fake.

Here’s the thing: We’re a DATING site. About meeting and getting together and stuff.

Sure, we’re ok if you want to be online only. That’s cool. But to misrepresent yourself like that?

Nah, bra.

Plus, as creators ourselves, my team values copyright and artist protection. I’ve had my photos stolen (and I’m not ALL that), and I did not like it… It’s one think if they are used because people like them. Another if they are used to scam some poor schmuck on a dating or social site.

Moving forward, we’ll be creating a new photo upload that will ask you about the photo you’re uploading, giving you three options:

  • This is me.
  • This is taken by me.
  • This is a photo I like or resonate with.

We feel that’s an ideal way to handle the issue, and still allow you your creative freedoms…

Anyway, so we’re on it, to keep Dating Kinky real.

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