Someone sent this message to me a couple days back:

I’ll put in the effort i see worthy into searching your site. I appreciate you are a new site but the locals near me I see are not those i would be into. I will never enter the states and all the matches you have here are yanks. no thanks.

To be clear, I get that we’re new, and if you’re in AUS, and there are not enough people near you, I wish you the best.

However, I think to stay on the site and NOT put effort into a profile is not only half-assing things, but long-term is a detriment.

It`s my position that the effort you put in—everywhere—is what you will get back, although not necessarily in the same places. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, in my view. Or, “Win or fail spectacularly.”

Frankly, I would never half-ass a profile. Because someone could sign up at any time and hide/block/filter† me for a lack of effort.

And I never intend to lose from a lack of effort.

But that’s me. Everyone makes their own choices, of course.

† (a feature coming up in DK 2.0 allows auto-hiding or profiles and filtering of messages from unfinished profiles)

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  1. Anthony Harris

    I really like what you’ve done. I think seeing the message at the top is good and inputting the new reply at the bottom is best. Hopefully i understood your question right.


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