I recently read this quote. Not sure where. In a business book of some sort. It was making a point about changing your business and why, and it hit home for me, and confirmed my choices over the past few weeks.

If you aren’t yet aware, I’m giving Dating Kinky a total overhaul. Every bit of code we have right now will be gone in the next three months replaced by a totally custom-built system.

For you.

For me, too. Lord knows, I need better admin options…

But it’s really mostly for you.

Because so many of you love Dating Kinky.

You see, without you, there would be no reason to change. Your love for what I’m doing, your belief in it—that’s MY REASON.

If the past three months had not been full of people telling me how much they love what I’m doing (even if there are more than a few hiccups), signing up, making connections (and dating! YAY!), I might just wash my hands of it.

But those things are WHY Dating Kinky exists. because I believe it is needed. Wanted. And, now, thankfully, loved.

So, I’m changing it.

And thank you to every one of you who has complained and caught bugs and had difficulty understanding. You have made it clear that while my ideas were spot-on, my implementation left much to be desired.

Thank you.

And if you’d like to help, please shoot me a note. We’ve started an email list and a testing group to go over our prototypes and give ideas and suggestions, and who will be our first testers of the new code when it’s developed.

As an aside, I am agnostic. So God in this quote to me may represent many different things, one or all of which may exist as I perceive them. As the Desiderata says: “Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be” (emphasis mine).

2 Responses to ““Don’t change to make God love you. Change because God already loves you.””

  1. CherrySoda

    I was worried that you were going to give God credit for a minute, girl… 😉

    Because, even if science happened to be off by a million miles, and it somehow turned out there actually was a God, I have my suspicions that this would not be a website which he’d have bookmarked!

    Actually maybe he would… Unfortunately it would be to remind him of the naughty, naughty girl you’ve been, Nookie! 😉

    It’s never to late to repent!!!

  2. NookieNotes


    I think that religion (in all forms) has some good lessons and thought exercises. I like to take advantage of those when I can, and learn from them.



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