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  1. Max

    Good morning!

    One thing Id like to throw out….

    when im asked what im looking for, id like to have more than one choice.
    Im Bi. Im looking for boys and girls and all those in between….


    • NookieNotes

      We already have that option in matches… it’s that damn search. But YES! We’ve actually got that covered and coming up in THE COOLEST WAY POSSIBLE (I’m not very humble about this, LOL!).

      Maybe that will be the next prototype for ya’ll to see. *smiles*

  2. NookieNotes

    I’ll add a, since from experience I know there is nothing more intimidating to ideas and writing and feedback than a blank screen—even if someone beat me to it! LOL!

    • I’d like to be matched with people who might be good friends and who might make good partners—and for the site to know the difference. I’m always looking to add to my connections circles.

    • When I travel, I don’t want to change my location, but I’d love to be able to not only search, but connect with the social and fun people in the area I’ll be in.

    • Maybe a filter—like a security question—to send me mail… like “What do I call my long-term partner?” Only by reading my profile, and entering “Pet” would their message go through.

    • Create my own questions and share them with the community, a la OKC style.

    • Meets in local spaces. Planned events and get-togethers for site tribe.

  3. Aedonix

    I know this might eb a little bit like OK Cupid used to be, but what about surveys, particularly personality types, so that way you get a much better idea whether a person would match up with your tastes.

    I know OKC got a bit silly with the sheer volume of “tests” that they had and eventually ended up removing them, but i am sure that well-written tests could help improve compatibility matches (perhaps having a semi-public vetting procedure before being added to the “official” available tests?

      • Aedonix

        yes, or possibly fetish related too. that way you can better match (for example) sadists and masochists up. or those who seek mental bondage from those who seek physical restraint and corporal punishments and so on

        • NookieNotes

          Hmmm. I think the Kinks & Interests will be a big part of that kind of connecting on the site.

  4. Amatarasu

    Making new friends is cool, while on a dating site the main and primary purpose is to find a date, potential partner/s it is still cool to make friends that will simply just be people to do things with and hang out with and become friends with over time (at least for me, it takes me awhile to warm up to people). It would be cool to have a “friend” category alongside the potential partner/s kind of search that didn’t give a shit about gender or what not, just folks with similar interests that would like to have new friends.

    And yes, please a matching system that offers some questions that help a person see if they are or could be a compatible match. I notice that I often get matched with Masters and Doms that don’t care to switch and are looking for a more formal D/s or M/s relationship style, we may have other things in common, but for me, I don’t want formal D/s or M/s and I like to top and bottom and try new and different things and that may happen in one evening or it may very well be me on the bottom for a weeks worth of fun and on the top for another weeks worth of fun…but there may not be any specific pattern at all. Hence, I am a kinkster…that simply enjoys incorporating kinky things into my life and sexuality, rather than, being on my knees at His feet and having to use caps to describe a dynamic, that I rather not participate in. Granted I have had a few nice conversations with folks…that I was matched high with but don’t feel any kind of connection, people need to compliment one another…not be too much the same…I may match with a D type or an M type because I have those tendencies myself, that won’t make us a good match. They are likely to run out the door when I want to tie them to the bed and tease them with feathers and thwack them with my crop or take my quirt to their asses. LOL.

    Anyhow…putting a few assessments that look at different parts of personality and lifestyle would be a fun and good idea…lots of folks use their myers briggs type indicator INFJ or whatever it may be to give someone an idea…I am an INFP myself…that helps if a person has any clue what that means…so having some sort of description about what that means would be helpful. There are a number of websites that do a mini version of this kind of assessment for free…it might be easier to just have links to those sites and an explanation of what they do and what different results mean, than to construct these kinds of things yourself…testing them for validity becomes a pain in the ass issue.

    Having some color choices for your background on profile pages would be cool…just for fun…a background wall paper selection of sorts.

    Anyway, thanks for asking!


  5. seeker

    Maybe on the matches page when you’re just glancing at it, being able to see where the matches are located.


    Darn, typing this on my phone and lost it all. So this is a redo.. ha.

    These may have been requested already, just spit ballin some ideas..

    An option to block someone with an explaination. Like we arent compatible for xyz but thanks for reaching out.

    A room for chatting with locals.

    An area to play games like cards trivia and dominoes.

    An option to only view those that actually like bbw. Or to block all married people etc.

    An option to unlock your pictures and kik id to someone.

    I also would never pay for an ap each month but im not against a 1 time fee to download it using google play credit.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do.

    • NookieNotes

      We’ve got plans for some of those things.

      BBW can be handled through the Kinks & Interests function.

      Unlocking photos would be making them private, and allowing them as friends or connections.

      We have a decline and block. Sends a polite message and blocks them.

      The apps will never be paid. However, there will be a fee for certain features on the site/inside the app. I expect most people will use it for free.


      • PRUDENCE

        Id love to be able to use my google play credit within the ap too, if thats possible. I have a lot of money from google rewards burning a hole in the cloud.. 😆

        • NookieNotes

          We may be able to make that happen, long-term. *smiles*

          I’ll talk to my team about that.

  7. Todd

    Hi Nookie, I’m a little confused. Sorry for not contributing much lately. I’ve been busy with kink parties and I’ve been under the weather this week. My confusion is that I’m not sure what I’m looking at. For instance, when I clicked the link in the first email blast to testers. It me to a blog where I clicked a link to view your video of your new way to upload pics. Then I couldn’t find my way out of the blog. BTW you have a very sexy voice. I was sort of expecting to see a different beta site in progress but all I’ve seen so far is videos. Is that what you intend for us to see at this point and provide our feedback and suggestions bout those videos as well as provide feedback about the existing DK site to try to work into the new site as much as you can?

    I’m sure it has been mentioned but would love to see events as an a important facet of networking, meeting new people, and to plan ahead for future meet ups. At the risk of being branded a heretic, the events might be something like Fet. I know DK is not Fet and not done like Fet and done purposely and I understand that. Perhaps you might consider making mission statement to give to us testers so that we might tailor our suggestions more toward what your mission statement is gears DK for. This subject might be a bit of a sticky wicket but some comparisons about what makes DK different from Fet would sure help me as far as what suggestions to make to you as far as DK is concerned. Nobody like to talk trash about another site and that is not what I am suggesting at all. I’m just saying well written, positive, comparisons are not trash talk if they’re worded right. And I for one come from a long Fet background and in the back of my mind I can’t but make that comparison and I think others fight those preconceived notions about what we expect from a kinky dating site. I/we are trying to break ourselves of that and we really like and support what you’re doing. It just help a little if we knew better what you’re trying to accomplish with DK. I know more work for you and Lords knows you have enough on your plate. With my luck there is probably already a mission statement on DK and just didn’t look hard for it.

    These are only suggestions and I’m not trying to compare DK to Fet.

    Keep up the good work,


    • NookieNotes

      I apologize for confusing you, Todd. You are seeing exactly what you should be seeing. Prototypes that I’ve created for different functions. We are building the new site now, but it is not ready for user testing, and I am getting feedback on what we have planned before we build it, in case we want to make changes to our plans.

      We will add events, at some point. However, as you’ve noted, we are not competing with Ft, so that would be something I’m going to think very hard on.

      I’ve actually been considering a few angles there. From a “MeetUp” or “HowAboutWe” perspective, for example. Also, a way to get munch and local group information disseminated to people who join.

      As far as the differences between DK and Fet… Well, we’re not Trying to be everything to everyone. We are not a facebook for kinky people. We are a site specifically focused on connections. Maybe a cross between LinkedIn and Match. I want to connect you to people for the reasons you want to be connected (play, dating, cyber), and grow your tribe, while allowing Fet to continue to grow and strengthen the community in the way it has, without cutting in on that. After all, I joined Fet the year it began, just like you all have here. *smiles*

  8. Bryan Hill

    I would love to have the ability to look at people within a certain mile from me and for a full profile be able to read. Would like to have a place specific for what everyone is looking for so that you might be able to find matches faster and also an awesome chat so you can chat and not worry about what is being said. Other sites have it like email and it is to slow. Looking more lime a messanger type of program.

    • NookieNotes

      Would like to have a place specific for what everyone is looking for

      Could you explain this in more detail? I’m not sure I understand. We already have a messenger, and that will continue in the new site.

  9. LuckyCat13

    I know that I’m in agreement with most of these ideas, like the “Where matches are located” one. I know the search lists a “Within X miles,” however it still would be nice to be able to see where they are. The roll-over so far only shows their username.

    Actually an optional test like the one from BDSMtest.org may be what some folks are looking for. Could be that a section in the profile to show off those results?
    Again just suggesting something along the lines of match-testing to get more accurate matches.

    Aside from that, would it be a difficult thing to implement a “sorting” feature for matches? Like show matches that are closest by distance vs matches that are “better matched” (% compatibility?)

    • NookieNotes

      The roll-over so far only shows their username.

      Did you see the rollover from the first prototype?

      Again just suggesting something along the lines of match-testing to get more accurate matches.

      We’re working on something right now, not so much using tests, however, I have some ideas. Thanks.

      The new search feature will be VERY different from the existing one, allowing you granular control over distance (for example).

  10. MissV

    It would be nice to have the option of eliminating/blocking various fields/values for the search or matches… for example: I want to block those whose chosen kink role on the profile is Master, Top, Dominant, et.al. even though they look like they are 84% compatible solely because we share similar lifestyle and kinky lifestyle activities.

    • NookieNotes

      This is coming in V2. Also, filters for who can contact you (who is not on your connections list) will be available.

    • NookieNotes

      Blocked people will not show in matches or searches. You will not be able to see them, and they will not be able to see you.

  11. Todd

    Hi again Nookie,

    Thanks for clearing up my confusion. I was kinda gathering that’s what I was looking at but I wanted to be sure. And I’m still trying to process your explanation of what DK is aiming for so I can make my comments as directed at that goal. Thanks for that explanation.

    I had two observations. One about kinks and fetishes, the other about searches. I was just playing with searches and I think I need to play with them a little more before I comment on that so I’ll comment on kinks for now.

    I think I have mentioned this in a previous email, but perhaps it would be good to post here as well to get others feedback on my ideas. I really like that feature of DK. But I’m not sure people know what it is for. I know I didn’t. But now that I know what its for I like it a lot. I think the reason people don’t know is that when you add a kink on the upper left of your profile, if the kink is already in the Data base it shows up immediately after I refresh the screen, BUT it shows up all the way at the bottom right of my profile underneath what looks like a huge advertisement whose first line is, ” You know its not cock, right?” I’m not even sure what that is for. All I know is that its taking up way too much of the real estate on my profile, but that’s another subject. So then to put our kinks way down there I couldn’t find them until I asked your very fine and knowledgeable support staff.

    So my suggestions are 1) keep both functions of adding kinks together and near the top. 2) Use a dropdown list box of kinks that are already in the DB, that would eliminate duplicates due to typing different variations of the same kink. 3) move that box containing the persons chosen kinks which currently resides at the very bottom right of the profile under that big ad, move that box directly under where you can add new kinks to your list.

    I, personally, like that feature a lot. And when I go a persons profile, now that I know where to look, that is one of the first places I go to see what specific kinks this person has. Unfortunately, currently when go to the lower right of a person’s profile there is nothing there. Now it could be the person just hasn’t gotten around to populating that portion of the profile. But my instincts tell me most people don;t know how it works or where to find it.

    I hope I didn’t sound harsh about the big ad looking thing. That was not my intention. But I still don’t know what its for or why it is located where it is unless it was a filler while building the current site. There’s nothing with fillers while there is work to be done elsewhere. I have used them myself when building websites.

    • NookieNotes

      Todd, you’re getting ahead of the game. *smiles*

      I appreciate the enthusiasm. You’re making suggestions on things that you’ve not seen the new versions of yet. Let’s hold off on those things.

      In this case, I’m looking for ideas about things you would want to see on ANY dating site. Things that other sites don’t have, things that we don’t already do (well or not).



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