Rudeness, I can’t abide it.

So, today, I’ve been threatened. Apparently someone has decided to start an anti-Dating Kinky campaign.

So, when you join Dating Kinky, you get a few messages from us. Tips on how to date better, giving a bit of a guide for Dating Kinky. Not other sites, but how we like it done.

It’s really just “Don’t be an asshole,” and some ideas about how to get the most out of your experience.

We’ve been sending these messages out (in site) for the past 3 months. In that time (because I’ve tracked it), I’ve gotten 403 sincere thank yous, 12 questions about them and 3 complaints.

To those three complaints, I sent something back like this:

“There are 8 messages. You will get them until they end, but after that, you won’t get more, really, unless I have a specific announcement for the site.

If you don’t need them, that’s awesome for you! Think of all the people who do, and thank me for them, going on to be better Dating Kinky Citizens. smiles

Two of the complainants got it, and did not complain further.

One, well, before they even got my response they’d sent another over-the-top rude message. That’s the one that has decided to… well, I don’t know what they decided to do. The quote was:

“Like I said, good luck on getting anyone to join after I’m done talking.”

To be fair, this was in response to my suspending their account for rudeness and yelling, and said that I’d be happy to reinstate it if they just apologized.

So, there you have it.

Personally, someone who is incredibly rude to someone they have never interacted with is likely going to be rude to the people on a dating site that also thwart them as well… or at least that’s my position. I pretty much feel like I’m doing the good work.

Ironically. his first angry missive was in response to my note about “The Waiter Rule,” LOL!

What say you? Too much? Just right?

How would you handle someone like that?

4 Responses to “Rudeness, I can’t abide it.”


    Haters gonna hate? Lol, dont take it personally. Some people will never be happy. Some peoples lives make it so they are horrible to other people. Just be yourself and stick to your guns. This place will be better without them.

  2. LuckyCat13

    I am glad that you do watch out for those folks. You’re absolutely right Nookie in the logic train.

    Thank you. 🙂


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