A man reported a profile as “illegal,” and I could no see anything wrong, so I asked him what his issue was.

He replied, “She is a man.”

That didn’t seem illegal to me, so I asked for proof/context.

He replied:

“I asked to meet and to phone.
He don’t like to phone ot meet only asked s and again details and as I asked again to phone to be Sure she ist female he gets angry and block me.
it is your Task to Check if some Body ist female or Male.”


Nope. It’s not. Do you know how many times I have personally been called a man because I didn’t show interest in another man?

A lot. A lot lot.

My response:

“We do not gender police our members. They may identify as they choose.

We make every effort to keep the site authentic. We allow everyone the opportunity to Photo Verify themselves once at no cost, for example. However, we cannot and will not force that on anyone, as every member has a right to their personal privacy.

If they ask you for money, we’ll take action. If they try to get you to go to a paid site, we’ll take action. If they spam you with advertisements, we take action.

The account has been put into a watch list, and we will take no further action without additional reports.

Thank you for your efforts.”

We do appreciate every report that is made. We’ve removed people identifying as underage, people spamming our members, people on there doing bait-and-switch for Pro work (to be clear, I don’t care if you’re a Pro, just be upfront about it), people constantly trying to use model photos as their own, and more.

That’s a GOOD thing.

However, to suggest that someone is lying simply because they don’t follow YOUR relationship demands… not so much.

Now, the profile may be trouble, and may get reported again. It wouldn’t surprise me. If it is, with actionable information, I’ll remove it quicker-n-shit. Because Dating Kinky is not the place for hinky behavior.

However, it’s also not our responsibility to check your junk when you sign up, to see if your 38DDs aren’t really 34Cs with a miracle bra, to check how you look without your makeup, or without those airbrushed abs (who probably belong to a model we haven’t found, yet…

Yeah. No.

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