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  1. Amatarasu

    Looks promising! I like that there will be some definitions of things, some folks call things by different names but are similar or the same as something else. I also like the idea of being able to find people with the same kink. Even better that photos and writings might be found with regard to a specific interest or kink…will there be the ability to use a photo and write about it beneath the photo? Like being able to illustrate a story?

    I realize that may not at all be related to a kink specifically…and likely incorporates a totally different set of issues for program setup.

    Anyway, it looks like an interesting move forward!

    Thanks and have a great day Nookie!


  2. Todd

    Looks fabulous!. I have a question. After I’ve selected add to my profile or whatever and saved it, where do you plan for them appear on a persons profile page. The kinks and interest section of a person’s profile is important to me as well, Nookie. Perhaps I am getting ahead of the game again, but I would like to see those kinks and interest displayed prominently and towards the top or upper middle portion of a person’s profile page or ideally directly adjacent to the section you’re showing in the video. Other than that question I really like what you’re doing with the K n I sections. I always check out the K n I of a person that DK has chosen for me as a possible match.

    As for what kinky dating means to me, finding people and events local to me is very important to me so that there is higher likelihood of meeting people in person and possibly developing something long term or at least mutually agreeable. I’ve had enough of finding people with whom to try to establish a lasting relationship then trying to figure out how to tell them about kink or trying to turn them. I now know whom ever I end up with I want kink to be a part of our common bond. That is what I like about kinky dating sites. You know going in kink is on the table.

    Keep up the good work

    • NookieNotes

      You are getting ahead of the game. *smiles*

      Please, when you can, keep the discussion on the topics. I and my development team are using these as we created code, and to have off-topic posts on other blogs means that we are not getting everything we need in one place.

      Best to keep the discussion specifically to what you are seeing on the page. *smiles*

      Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Somedude718

    This is very nice. I like that there is a fetish list as well as a non fetish list (golf, movies, etc). I also like that you can find the def of certain terms.

  4. MissV

    The Kinks & Interests prototype is Fabulous! The wiki and see also references are really nice features. I’m curious about the section about other kinksters who share that interest. I think that it’s cool to know about others who share some of the less popular interests. I might want to contact them for conversations outside of a dating context. Are the kinksters who show up on my page limited to only those whom I can contact?

    • NookieNotes

      Nope. You can contact everyone. They may have filters in place, that will prevent your message from going through (as you have requested), or they may be open to making friends.

      But everyone can contact anyone to talk about shared interests or whatnot.


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