I Date People, Not Kinks

So, for me, it’s not a turn on to be approached by those driven solely by one singular kink, looking for me to be the Cinderella to their shoe.

I mean, yeah, I’m cool with you having kinks.

I do, too.

However, if you can’t have a genuine conversation—actually several—to get to know me as a human, because, you know, you value me AS A HUMAN, then it doesn’t matter what your kink is or mine is.

We won’t be a match.

And I’ll wish you the best of luck.

Because I KNOW it sucks to be alone when you really want a companion, and I know how it feels to want something that the people you have access to don’t want, or to feel alienated from people because of who you are, deep down inside, and just to feel “othered.”

On the other hand, I know how it feels to be a star-shaped peg that you are trying to fit into your lemniscate-shaped hole(s), and how it feels to be ignored for who I am as a person in favor of what you might want from me.

And that sucks, too.

So, if you approach me, approach as a person, a human, with an interest in another person—me—and we just may get around to your kinks, and trying them out.

Who knows, I may dig your figure-eight fetish.

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