Your Cock Versus My Cock


Your Cock Vs. My Cock

As I typed the title, I realized that this could be taken as a comparison rant, wherein I discuss the amazing cocks I can have and fuck with versus the one you men are born with…

But it’s not.

It’s about real life fleshy cocks, and what to do with them, and more importantly, when.

Yes, this is about cock shots. And receiving them. And why the cock you are so proud of—and may well have been told is a perfectly splendid example of manhood—is just not getting you very far when it comes to the ladies.

It’s very simple.

When you waggle your cock at me, in photos, it is your cock.

I am not that interested in your cock. No more than I am interested in your grapes, your Spiderman bed sheets, or your new X-Box.

Because they are yours, and I don’t know you, therefore those things offer no real benefit to my life.

Interestingly enough, though, I get cock shots quite regularly that I enjoy. Nay, that I love. In fact, as the D in my relationship, I require them. Daily.

MY cock, I love.

And I don’t mean just because I am the D, and I claim that cock for my very own. I mean because I have a connection to and a relationship with that cock. I know how it responds to me, how it hardens and twitches in my hand, how it feels going down my throat, how it hits the sensitive bits inside of me, how it fits me so perfectly, and so on.

When I see a pic of my cock, I connect all of those wonderful, positive, amazing things to it. I get all warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I get wet and squishy down below. My heart swells and my mouth salivates.

Obviously, I love cock.

But I don’t love your cock. Because it’s your cock. Not mine.

When I see a picture of your cock, I get… nothing. Really.

It may be an impressive cock. I could even say so, “Wow! That’s an impressive cock!”

But I have nothing more. I don’t know if your cock is really any good at satisfying me. I don’t know if you’ll smell good or taste delicious. I don’t FEEL anything for your cock.

And I’m turned off. I didn’t ask for your cock, and here it is, staring me in the eye, rudely, a perfect stranger of a cock barging uninvited into my life.

This is why so many women say that it’s best to not send a cock shot to a potential interest, or to at least wait until one is requested.

Because, like me, they want to see a cock they have a connection to, or hope to have a connection to. A cock they do or may claim as their own (regardless of which side of the slash they are on).

Not your cock.